Liber Khthonia by Jeff Cullen Artistry: Hekate (stand included!)


The first in Silver Owl Craft’s exclusive series, this lovely altar plaque was created as part of the post card set originally sold with Jeff Cullen’s Kickstarter for Liber Khthonia: A Contemporary Witchcraft & Devotional Tradition of Hekate. The detail in this piece is laser-engraved and is stunningly accurate to the drawing. From the souls that drape the bottom to Hermes in the upper corner, you will admire the scenes Cullen created. The back features a summons to Hekate written by Jeff Cullen. It is written in an old world font that mimics the typesetting process of yore. The irregularities of the text is a part of  what makes this a uniquely beautiful item. She will be a welcome addition to your Hekate altar with the  separately sold stand or you can add hanging hardware of your own to place her on the wall.

This beautiful image is engraved on maple plywood and measures approximately 4.5″x6″. May have irregularities.

Stand sold separately.

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